Our history

1862 W&G Baird Ltd founded at Arthur Street, Belfast
1961 Acquired by Thomson Printers
1967 Acquired by British Printing Corporation
1971 W&G Baird move to current Antrim site
1977 Roy Bailie leads management buy-out
1984 McCaw Stevenson & Orr Ltd & R.R. Browne Ltd acquired and re-formed as MSO Ltd
1989 Biddles Ltd acquired
1995 Blackstaff Press Ltd acquired Thanet Press Ltd acquired
2000 John Cleland Group acquired and amalgamated with MSO Ltd to form MSO Cleland Ltd.Corporate Document Services Ltd acquired
2002 MSO Cleland Ltd sold to an MBO team
2003 CTP Information Management Ltd acquired and integrated into CDS
2005 Biddles Ltd sold to an MBO team
2006 W & G Baird Ltd sold to an MBO team
2009 Thanet Press Ltd sold
2015 Headline Auto purchased
2017 CDS Support Ltd trading as CDS Defence Support is launched as a standalone company
2017 Blackstaff Press sold to Colourpoint